Tips For Keeping Your Teen's Auto Insurance Affordable

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Tips For Keeping Your Teen's Auto Insurance Affordable

27 May 2019
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Teen drivers are always classified as high-risk drivers after getting their driver's license, and this generally results in paying higher rates for the coverage. If you have a teen driver, there are some things you can do that can help you keep the coverage affordable and prevent increases in premiums. Below are several things you may want to do.

Enroll the teen in driver's education

When teens begin driving, they are inexperienced and considered a high-risk simply due to the lack of experience they have. If you want your teen to gain some experience and knowledge, you can do this by enrolling him or her in a driving program.

Most driver's ed programs offer classroom learning as well as behind-the-wheel experience. This type of class will prepare your teen for driving, will give him or her experience, and will teach the teen about driving laws, rules, and tips. Your teen is likely to drive safer if he or she takes a driver's ed course.  

Encourage safe-driving habits

As a parent, you can keep your teen's rates down by encouraging safe driving habits. You may want to discuss rules with your kids relating to high-risk activities they should avoid when driving.

For example, you should talk to them about the risks of texting while driving and drinking under the influence. You should also discuss with them the risks of any other high-risk activities you can think of.  

Use technology

Another option you have is to use technology in the teen's car. There are a variety of different newer vehicles that come equipped with technology which is designed to encourage safe driving habits.

If your teen's car does not have this, you can buy plug-in devices that work in similar ways. This type of technology offers a way to control speeding and prevent the driver from using his or her phone while behind the wheel.

Create a plan for consequences and stick with it

The other thing you can do as a parent is to create a plan for safe driving habits and consequences for breaking the rules. For example, if you find out your child was texting while driving, you may want to take the car away for the next week or two. If your teen knows the consequences of poor choices beforehand, he or she may be less likely to take part in these activities.

Over time, a teen will transition from a high-risk driver to a low-risk driver if he or she avoids accidents and tickets. If you have questions about high-risk auto insurance coverage, contact an auto insurance agent.