3 Tips To Reduce Health Insurance Costs For Your Employees

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3 Tips To Reduce Health Insurance Costs For Your Employees

14 April 2017
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As an employer, you might find it to be important to offer affordable, reliable insurance options for the people who work for you. If you have found that insurance rates are rising, you could be wondering if there is anything that you can do to keep costs to a minimum. These are a few tips that can help you do so.

1. Work With a Group Insurance Broker

If you have not worked with a group insurance broker in a while, now might be the time to schedule an appointment with one. Insurance options and costs change all the time, and working with a broker can help you learn more about your current options. A group insurance broker can also look at your company's situation and can help provide custom-tailored advice about the best changes that you can make to keep costs affordable. For more information, contact companies like Health Shop Inc.

2. Negotiate

Don't assume that the rate that you are given for employee insurance is the rate that everyone is going to have to pay. Even though it can be difficult for an individual to negotiate rates, an employer who is paying for coverage for a large group of employees can be in a better position to negotiate lower prices. After comparing rates between a few different companies, consider calling and asking to speak to someone who works with employers like you. Then, consider working to negotiate lower rates. If you have a larger group of employees who you will be buying coverage for, the insurance company might want your business enough to be willing to reduce costs for you.

3. Work to Keep Employees Healthy

The more that your employees' care costs, the more that your company's insurance rates will go up. One good way to reduce healthcare costs and to help ensure that insurance rates stay down as much as possible is to focus on keeping your employees healthy. Implementing various types of wellness programs throughout the office, such as providing smoking cessation help and encouraging employees to work out, can be a good way to both reduce healthcare costs and prevent employees from taking sick days.

As you can see, there are a few steps that you can take that can help you reduce insurance costs for your employees. Also, depending on the portion that your office pays, this can help you save your company a lot of money as well. Give these tips a try, and you could be surprised by how much money can be saved.